Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Own An Online Shopping Mall

A multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace holds a lot of potential in terms of revenue for a business owner. For e-commerce entrepreneurs, the multi-vendor marketplace option is cost-efficient as it allows you to sell a wide range of products to a larger audience without maintaining an inventory.

It’s a complete win-win as you can focus on accelerating your business growth and not be worried about losing the business at any given time. Your customers are free to choose from the wide range of offerings according to their needs and demands, while the sellers on your platform benefit from a wider range of customers.

Coupled with a corresponding mobile app, your marketplace will be able to rival Africa’s best online marketplaces with ease as your reach becomes significantly greater.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Store Owner Benefits

Fully Automated System

You don’t need to worry about product procurement or shipment. We will setup the site and app for you and incorporate new features as they become available. It is a viable business model that doesn’t require much in the way of overhead, upkeep, or infrastructure.

Little To No Infrastructure Costs

All you need to get started is some ingenuity, a digital marketing budget and a solid e-commerce platform. Sellers also face little costs themselves as they let go of having to invest in their own website, employing staff, or simply keeping the lights on at a physical store.

Several Income Streams

As the store owner, you are able to make a lot of revenue through subscriptions from sellers, commisions made per sale, selling your own products as well as advertising on your site.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Through having a wide variety of products, customers are more likely to return on your site when looking for something. How many times have you gone back to Takealot when you needed something online? Exactly.

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