Online School Development

We are changing the face of online learning by simplifying the process of how your online courses are created and delivered. Choose LearnDash LMS and we will manage the end-to-end setup and delivery of your new online learning platform.


The Most Trusted LMS

We use LearnDash, the #1 choice of Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. LearnDash removes per-seat cost constraints, giving you the ability to grow your audience as it can handle an unlimited number of users.

LearnDash LMS

LearnDash is the industry standard WordPress LMS platform, offering an unprecedented level of customisation and scalability.

Higher Education

Major universities pick LearnDash for delivering and tracking online coursework.

Professional Training

From selling courses online to continuing education - LearnDash handles it all!

Impressive Online Courses

Sell Your Courses

Create your courses, advertise them and make passive income. Simply set the price, choose the pricing model, and publish. Gone are the days when you have to stand in front of the class everyday!

Reward Your Learners

Deliver certificates, points, and badges to encourage learners. Gamification has proved to make students learn better, and we will help you implement this feature at your college.

Drip-Feed Content

Automatically deliver content according to a predefined schedule. Make your students receive certain topics at certain times so as to keep them engaged with your brand.

Use Any Media

Use any type of media when creating course content such as images, videos, audio, SWF files, and HTML5. We will help you decide on the most effective learning techniques.

Manage Your School With Ease

Expire Access

Allow students to have lifetime access to your courses, or expire access after a certain amount of time. This is a perfect way to encourage re-certifications and renewals from your students!

Easy Payment System

Use any Pricing Model from one time sales, subscriptions, memberships, bundles, and more. Also, take credit cards and PayPal as payment options.

Advanced Quizzing

Implement quiz question types including Single Answer, Multiple Choice, Fill-In-The-Blank, Free Text, Survey, Essays Questions and MUCH more.

Group Discussions

Add online profiles, user groups, private message functionality, and much more to your online school. This is a great way to create a community around your course offerings. Introduce learning techniques such as Peer to Peer learning where students are encouraged to help each other, leading to a reduction on your workload!

Let Your Students Learn Anytime, Anywhere!

We can help you build an iOS/Android mobile app for your College. Add your courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, and all of your content. Your students will be able to login, view their lessons, take quizzes, and download course materials. They can do everything in the app the same way it works on your website.

You Are In Safe Company


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