Project Summary

MyCAhub™ provides simple software solutions to problems faced by Chartered Accountants in South Africa, as well as curated weekly content centred around personal finance.

Their first product, The Reflective Plan Toolkit™, helps CA(SA)s complete their annual CPD reflective plans as per SAICA requirements. Users simply select their Career Path and Proficiency Level, then the software will automatically:
i) Determine the user’s specific competencies and required level per competency
ii) Help the user assess their competencies to identify relevant learning areas for the year.

The web application then assists users with relevant qualifications or activities they must take in order to address their learning areas, before exporting the entire process into a simple PDF which is then sent to SAICA.

Key Features

  • Built on the JavaScript MERN Stack.
  • Conditional forms logic that detects a user’s required learning areas based on their career level.
  • Chrome extension that enables users to add any web address to their learning areas.
  • A downloadable PDF which users will submit to SAICA.
  • A completion bar for users to track the progress of their reflection.
  • A personalised calendar that shows users’ upcoming activities as per their specific learning areas.
  • Integration with Calendly for users to book a meeting with the Product Manager.
  • A WordPress blog where the site admin posts regular accounting content.
  • Customised affiliate activities based on the users specific learning areas. 
  • Additional custom features as per our client’s request.


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